{rose picture} My real name is Brian J. Rose, hence the ID of "bjr." Pronounced as a word, it sounds a lot like "badger." Besides, the badger is a cool animal as pointed out below.

When backed into a corner by an overzealous observer, most kinds of wildlife will go the other direction. There are two animals, however, that can pretty much be counted on to violate this rule--the northern water snake and the badger. Both possess a vile temperament and, more often than not, will come straight toward you--very fast and very mad.

{image: Byte Me} No one (at least those in their right mind) sticks around to mess with the business end of an irritated badger. Other animals don't fool with the critter either, making the badger one of the few species with virtually no natural enemies. Most dogs won't take on a badger, and the survivors of those that do have the sense not to try the stunt again. A badger in hot pursuit of its prey is a sight to behold with all four feet scratching and throwing dirt up to three feet into the air.

{image: Byte U 2} In spite of the pressures of civilization, the badger remains largely unchanged. It is the ultimate four-wheel drive animal that goes where it pleases when it pleases. Some animals survive because they learn to adapt.

The badger is still here simply because it's tough.

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